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We’ve partnered with the Maryland Watermen’s Association to help give back to the Chesapeake Bay.

For the past several years, Phillips Seafood has raised money for the Maryland Watermen’s Association through sales of our signature specialty Blue Crab Margarita and our 100th Anniversary Cookbook. With every drink and cookbook ordered, guests can support the work of the association as they serve to protect the heritage and future of our commercial watermen.

The Maryland Watermen’s Association is dedicated to the interests of all who derive beauty and benefit from Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay waters, making the partnership with the Phillips family a natural fit. “I come from a family of Maryland watermen and have worked closely with Maryland watermen all my life to supply seafood for our family’s Hoopers Island processing plant and restaurants,” said Steve Phillips. “Without them, our family business would not have grown to where it is today. We’re proud to stand behind the Maryland Watermen’s Association in their efforts.”

Give Back to the Bay

Order Up Our Signature Cocktail – Blue Crab Margarita
Made with tequila, blue curacao & sour mix – enjoy in our Baltimore restaurant today!

100th Anniversary Cookbook – Buy at our Baltimore location or Order Here
The cookbook includes Phillips’ favorite 100 recipes from the past 100 years, showcasing original family recipes from Shirley Phillips along with dishes created by our chefs and recipes from our annual recipe contests. Bring the tradition of Phillips into your own kitchen!

About the Maryland Watermen’s Association

Since 1973, the Maryland Watermen’s Association has tirelessly served the interests of watermen and the seafood industry throughout the state of Maryland. They have continuously worked to ensure the future of independent watermen and seafood businesses throughout the state. That hard work has given the MWA, its staff and leadership a strong position and high visibility with State and Federal regulators, as well as environmental and business associations and organizations. Learn about their work on the MWA website here.

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Maryland is famous for its crabs, and Phillips seafood is the premier restaurant for award-winning crab cakes!

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